Hijab Shop

As many of you know, Hidden Pearls have sponsored us for long time. They have been supporting our cause for a long time now. I think it is time we introduce what a lovely company they are to our loyal readers.

Hijab Shop

Hijab Shop

Hidden Pearls is an online hijab shop. They sell different types of hijabs including Pashmina hijabs, cotton hijabs, two colour hijabs, linen hijabs, designer hijabs and floral hijabs. This is not all, you can also buy hijab pins, hijab brooches, hijab underscarf, hijab caps, maxi skirts, niqabs and Abayas from their online store. So if you are in UK looking for cheap hijabs online with no sacrifice on quality and style, Hidden Pearls is the website to visit.

What is Hijab?

What is Hijab

They have also published this brilliantly insightful article. Title of the article is ‘What is Hijab’ and can be viewed by clicking the link.  I would strongly encourage our readers to check out the article. For most non-Muslims including myself until quite recently, Hijab was just a political symbol. However the article explains how the word hijab and the covering has nothing to do with politics. The article beautifully explains the actual meaning of the word, its religious importance, the types of Hijab, and how the word has different meaning in different parts of the World. The article has definitely given me a lot of information about the 2 Billion people of this World.

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